Private Catholic School in Santa Paula, CA

Tuition and Fees

Learning For Life Through Faith

Tuition and Assistance

Details are provided below.

K-8th Grade Tuition

1 Child

$4,980 yearly or *415

per month

2 Children

$7,860.00 yearly or *$655

per month

3 Children

$9,720.00 or *$810

per month

4 Children

$11,340.00 or *$945

per month

12 month payment plan

Registration Book Fee


Preschool Tuition

Preschool Registration Fee

Number of daysNoon Pick-up3:30 pm Pick Up6:00 pm Pick Up
3 Days per week$340 per month$425 per month$465 per month
4 Days per week$385 per month$480 per month$525 per month
5 Days per week$425 per month$525 per month$580 per month